What We Look For

We are passionate about our mission to help others reach their full potential through learning and education.

Individuals who succeed here will show a high degree of personal initiative, with the ability to commit to our goals and take ownership of their work. Pearson People are motivated by change, excited about possibility, and true to our culture of bravery, decency, and imagination.

Guiding Principles of Pearson People

  • We're in the information business, so we expect our colleagues to be forward-looking and creative in their thinking. We also assume that they will have a genuine passion for our business.
  • We're judged on the quality of the products we create and the services we provide. Whether teaching and learning materials, newspapers, websites, or consumer books, the words and visuals should be beautifully and succinctly expressed. A talent for communication is something we look for when we're recruiting.
  • We like people who enjoy learning, even if it's the smallest new nugget.
  • We expect individuals to flourish in teams, as well as on their own.
  • We encourage our people to develop their careers by moving around the businesses and regions in which we operate. Pearson People are Leaders.

Pearson People are Leaders

  • We have the confidence to Lead Ourselves by staying curious and always learning; being courageous in moving outside our comfort zone; maintaining ethical behavior at all times; and staying determined to achieve our goals and ambitions.
  • We have the ability to Lead Others by coaching and empowering coworkers toward professional development; inspiring action with our energy and enthusiasm; building relationships throughout the company, at all levels, in all locations; and making smart decisions and taking accountability for our results.
  • We have the potential to Lead The Business by identifying opportunities to better serve our customers and exceed expectations; championing changes that help transform our business; sharing a vision of a future that others want to be part of; and finding innovative new ways to build revenue and grow our company.