Pearson Internship and Apprenticeship Program

Pearson Student Internships

When you join Pearson as an intern, you’ll have access to real-world projects and challenges that will transcend your classroom knowledge. From the time your program begins, you’ll become immersed in coaching, networking, and professional development opportunities, as well as insight into Pearson’s culture and business divisions. Whether you’re studying sales, supply chain, or technology, we offer an inclusive environment to foster your career growth. Pearson believes that students can build the future of education; we're committed to you and your long-term potential in our teams.

Pearson Employee Apprenticeships

Our mission is to develop programmes that will help Pearson, its employees and its managers to progress in their lives and careers through the high-quality apprenticeships that we at Pearson provide.

We have bespoke Apprenticeship Teams in our global businesses that look after our apprentices from before they start with us all the way through their programmes of learning and beyond. They work closely with managers, business teams and their HR colleagues to ensure that apprenticeships add value to individuals and to the business.

Our roles encompass many occupational areas and where we recruit into apprenticeships, we like to encourage candidates from non-traditional educational backgrounds and experience to apply.

Currently we have apprenticeships in the UK and the US with a similar programme in South Africa.