Pearson Life

We share a vision and a set of unique values that shape the way we think and behave. Our 24,000 employees work across 70 countries, and make change happen on a global scale.

Our commitment to improve learners’ lives extends to the lives of our own employees. We're determined that the experience of working at Pearson delivers value for our employees in meaningful ways.

Demonstrating and broadcasting this value is how we attract the brightest people with the most curious minds to join us, and it is what will encourage them to stay at Pearson and do their best work.

Culture and Values

Watch the video to find out about the shared culture and values at the heart of our company.


Make a measurable difference in the lives of learners everywhere.

Create positive, meaningful, and visible change in an industry that impacts millions of lives worldwide, and give your work profound meaning.

Shape the future of an ambitious company that is measurably raising the standards of learning and education globally through innovation.


Do the right thing for learners and colleagues.

Do brave, imaginative work and collaborate with passionate, supportive colleagues in a company committed to its values.

Take accountability and make the right decisions for learners, colleagues, and customers.


Always learn through change

Accelerate your personal growth by constantly learning, and doing stretching, innovative work in a transforming and dynamic business.

Take advantage of new career opportunities and directions by working on innovative new projects in a diverse environment.


Be trusted, empowered and supported.

Be trusted to take ownership of your performance and achieve your potential in an environment that is flexible, open, and empowering.

Improve how we work, thrive on challenge, and influence the success and direction of a changing global organisation.



Our 2020 Sustainability Plan

For Pearson, sustainability means using our core strengths as a learning company to help spread the benefits of quality education far and wide, while strengthening our business and upholding the highest standards of responsible business conduct.

By working at Pearson, you’ll be a part of developing products and services that can improve lives, expand economic opportunities, and build tolerance and understanding.

No matter what your role is, you’ll have the opportunity to be part of advancing our 2020 Sustainability Plan — a five-year vision to integrate social and environmental issues into every aspect of our business in order to drive growth and advance the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The plan is closely aligned with our corporate strategy and is driven by a set of material issues that are most important to our business and stakeholders.

As a Pearson employee, you will also have the opportunity to advance our 2020 Sustainability Plan by supporting local communities. We provide employees with a variety of ways to give back, including company-organized volunteering, paid days off to volunteer on your own, matching gifts, or participating in our partnership with Kiva by making loans to global entrepreneurs.

Employees can also be proud of our programs and partnerships with international and local organizations to expand access to high-quality education and learning around the world.

Global diversity & inclusion

Global Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) at Pearson is built on our unwavering belief that diversity makes Pearson a more innovative and creative company. We seek talent with different perspectives and experiences and harness ideas to better understand and meet the needs of all learners throughout the world.

D&I, a center of expertise within Human Resources, works collaboratively with business units across Pearson to grow and support a diverse, creative, and engaged workforce empowered to shape company culture and imagine and deliver inclusive learning products and services.

D&I provides strategic leadership on employee training, facilitation of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), and cultivation of a company culture that attracts and retains top talent. It operates on a global scale, ensuring that diversity and inclusion principles are integrated into business processes and practices, and that Pearson employees feel supported, heard, and valued.

Equally importantly, we embrace regional and local cultural considerations across our work in the many markets where Pearson operates, serves learners, or has a footprint.

Our goals

Our D&I efforts are focused on three primary areas: our people, our culture, and our learners through an approach that pivots on the workforce, the workplace and the marketplace.

Pearson is:

  • An inclusive employer of choice for the world’s talent.
  • Building a culture of innovation and learning where every idea and perspective is valued and the principles of diversity and inclusion are integrated into all business processes and practices.
  • Fostering closer relationships with our customers and learners by ensuring that our people and products reflect who we are and whom we serve.
  • Developing inclusive products, solutions, and services for our customers across the globe.

Global diversity & inclusion council

Pearson’s Global Diversity & Inclusion Council is the governing body for Pearson Diversity & Inclusion. Through close collaboration across the businesses, enabling functions, and geographies, the Council helps to advance a strategic D&I agenda company-wide.

Diversity & inclusion advocates

Global Diversity & Inclusion Advocates are full-time Pearson employees who apply for and are selected to help implement global D&I principles in their local offices. These passionate individuals care deeply about D&I issues and about helping Pearson make continuous improvements to our business practice and culture.

Employee resource groups

Pearson’s Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are voluntary, employee-created and -led teams made up of colleagues who join together because of shared interests, characteristics, and/or life experiences. These groups, with chapters located around the world, are aligned with Pearson’s mission, values, and business goals, and are an integral part of our company culture.

Pearson ERGs help individuals advance their careers through networking, mentoring, and professional development. On an institutional level, they foster company improvements, encourage innovation, increase employee engagement, and enhance the company culture. ERGs help make Pearson into a place that attracts and retains top talent as well as a company that develops business products and services that are accessible to and inclusive of all learners.

  • Generation Pearson: Increase awareness, understanding, and acceptance of generational-based differences in the workplace.
  • Pearson Able: Support accessibility and ensure that the needs of people with disabilities are understood and addressed.
  • Pearson Bold: Empower employees of black and/or African ancestry through advocacy, community outreach, professional development, and networking.
  • Pearson Latino Network: Create a supportive environment for Pearson’s Latino community.
  • Pearson Parents: Serve as a resource for Pearson parents and their diverse families.
  • Pearson PRIME: Act as the voice of black, Asian, and minority ethnic colleagues at Pearson. PRIME stands for People Representing the Interests of Minority Ethnicities.
  • Pearson Spectrum: Advocate for Pearson’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex people, and their allies.
  • Pearson Veterans: Develop, support, and promote the unique abilities of Pearson’s veterans and military personnel.
  • Women in Learning & Leadership (WILL): Proactively drive change in support of women at Pearson.
  • Women in Technology (WIT): Attract, develop, and retain women in technology.