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Pearson Chair of Examiners - BTEC Nationals in Applied Law Unit 1 & Unit 3 in London, United Kingdom

We are currently recruiting for BTEC Nationals Chair of Examiners in Applied Law: Unit 1 (20168k) and Unit 3 (20170k)

Overview of the role

The Chair of Examiners will provide senior support in external assessment activities in accordance with the awarding organisations procedures. You are expected to have both sector specialism and BTEC expertise and experience, and be fully conversant with assessment and quality assurance for all qualifications, programmes, and levels for external assessment within the remit of your sector.

Specific Responsibilities:

  • Collaborate closely with the QDAM/AL in carrying out all designated responsibilities. All recommendations arising from these responsibilities must be channelled through the QDAM/AL to the Accountable Officer.

  • Advise on the selection, training and re-appointment of Chief Examiners and/or Principal Examiner/Moderators, Assistant Principal Examiners/Moderators and Revisers.

  • Participate in post-standardisation review meetings.

  • Ensure that the requirements for the conduct of the examination are met, and report to Pearson any difficulties encountered.

  • Monitor the marking/moderating of the Chief Examiner or Principal Examiner/Moderators where he/she is the sole Examiner/Moderator.

  • Chair the awarding meetings, make recommendations for grade boundaries for each specification to the awarding body and ensure standards are implemented in each examination component and in each subject as a whole.

  • Re-mark/re-moderate work and prepare special reports on individual candidates, or groups, in connection with Review of Marking (RoMs) of an examination, within specified timescales to enable compliance with regulatory requirements, if required.

  • Participate, where necessary, in internal meetings concerned with:

  • reviewing overall grade awards

  • appeals against results

  • and represent Pearson at examinations appeals board hearings.

  • Write and submit to the QDAM/AL, an evaluation report in each designated subject at the conclusion of each series.

  • Complete the senior AA review process with your QDAM/AL/VQSAM to reflect on success and areas where development might be needed by required deadline.

  • Provide written replies, as necessary, to comments on and criticisms of the examinations.

  • Be responsible for maintaining standards in a subject or group of subjects across different specifications and methods of assessment, and from year to year.

Experience and Qualifications Required

Qualifications (Essential):

  • Applicants must have a teaching qualification and a minimum of one full academic year of teaching experience in the relevant subject area/sector within the last 8 years. We require two references in support of any application.

Experience (Essential):

  • Relevant CPD evidence in the subject area/sector within the last 12 months

  • Knowledge of quality assurance and assessment practice within vocational education

  • Experience of moderation and/or marking a regulated qualification

  • Excellent communication skills with a range of stakeholders both internally and externally

  • Experience of co-ordinating training, standardisation and standards related activities

  • Experience of moderation and/or marking a regulated qualification

  • A comprehensive level of knowledge of the BTEC Nationals specification for your specialist sector, including the internal and external requirements.

  • Availability to attend a variety of key meetings and events to support essential quality assurance activities.

Expectation (Essential)

  • Applicants must be flexible, available to work in week days and weekends where required

  • Availability to attend meetings and make sure that these are priority when scheduling

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