Pearson Study Advisor in China

Business Unit Overview:

Position Description:


  1. Teaching and Implementing the WSE Method

  2. Managing a Students’ Course

  3. Internal Revenue and contribute to referrals and renewals

  4. Regular Meetings

  5. Regular Reporting

  6. Center Image and Maintenance


  1. 教授学员华尔街英语的学习方法

  2. 管理学员课程的各项事宜

  3. 负责课程到期学员的课程推荐和延续工作

  4. 工作例会

  5. 定期工作汇报

  6. 维护培训中心设施和环境

Candidate Profile:


  1. TH3 Level of English

  2. Excellent and demonstrable command of spoken and written English

  3. Previous teaching or training experience

  4. The ability to work independently as well as part of a team

  5. University Level, English Preferred


  1. 达到华尔街TH3英语水平

  2. 出色的英语表达和书写能力

  3. 教学或培训工作相关经验

  4. 能够独开展工作,积极融入团队

  5. 本科,英语专业者优先考虑

Req Number: 5669BR

Position Title: Study Advisor

Country: CHN

HR Manager: Isabelle Gao

Business Unit: Wall Street English

Removal Date: 06-Jul-2018