Our Culture

These define the culture of our organization and fortify the way we do business.


Bravery means publishing books and reporting news with impartiality, accuracy, and integrity. It also means moving courageously forward with the confidence of a world leader and the vision of a start-up that is re-inventing education around the globe. Bravery means driving change, transforming learning, and hiring bold thinkers and standout innovators who motivate each other to explore new frontiers.


We are committed to: supplying the highest possible quality of product and service to our customers; supporting charitable endeavors that advance literacy, learning, and teaching; and offering careers that meet our employees desire to fulfill a higher calling. Pearson People display a very strong sense of interpersonal respect and gentility that is an outflow of being grounded in our education and teaching environment. We are also responsible stewards of our environment and our finances, and maintain a steady, pragmatic approach to the constant change our growth is creating.


Even though we are a company dedicated to facts and knowledge, it’s our imagination that drives us forward. Our company is growing and transforming in new and exciting ways because of a vision to enhance the learning movement across the globe. This is a pivotal time for new ideas that disrupt the status quo and take us through a time of change to an unprecedented future together.