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Job Information

Pearson Project Coordinator in Noida, India


To have a Project Coordinator (PC) position for supporting Project / Program Managers for delivery of tests for current and upcoming event testing clients and handle daily transactions related to candidate experiences and reporting for event as well as on-demand clients.

Current events with PM team

With following event based projects currently being handled by PM team (apart from the on-demand clients being handled by them) and the new projects in pipeline, the requirement for having PCs cannot be overstated and the HR team is being sent requests to provide PCs throughout the year for various projects.

  1. SNU


  3. CMA

  4. Synergy

  5. Vijaybhoomi

With business team bringing in new clients and admissions tests being a fast growing market, more and more event testing accounts are likely to be added, thus necessitating the requirement for a PC position nearly the entire year.

In recent years, we have been hiring project wise temporary contractual resources and with increase in event based clients, have often been appointing 2-3 PCs at the same time for different projects. The involvement of PCs being low in certain phases of the project has often forced PM team to distribute work to other resources rather than appointing a contractual resource. Therefore, going forward we plan to appoint a PC to take care of all running projects at any given point of time rather than specific PCs for each project. This will be a permanent position providing the PMs with consistency and will also remove the challenges that are currently faced:

  • Recruitment time taken to appoint the PCs

  • Approvals required for each project specific PC position

  • PCs leaving the projects in between requiring HR team to recruit afresh

  • Recruitment of a new person and often a back-fill between the event breaks the continuity and consistency of the work

  • Additional burden on regular resources who may have to take over the work in absence of the PC while they are being replaced

  • Higher salary to be paid due to shorter duration of the events

  • Increased effort of training and supporting the PC in initial phase of each project

  • Sense of responsibility of a temp resource is usually less compared to a permanent resource

Job Description – Project Coordinator (PC)

Project coordinator will be required to take care of following activities:

  • Coordination with selected sites signed up for testing for

  • receiving required documents and information related to event

  • audits,

  • dispatch and reverse pick-up of equipment and material

  • installation,

  • Training dates

  • Reports

  • Invoicing

  • Closure activities

  • Candidate and Test centre support during the event testing

  • Mail box management - Responses to candidate queries related to registration, payments, scheduling etc

  • Handling telephonic queries from test centres and clients

  • Coordination with other functions within PVUE for smooth functioning of the event

  • Project team – Site readiness, Daily reports from test centres, exam readiness, delivery; and publishing reports to relevant stakeholders

  • Marketing team – dispatches to test centres, coaching institutes etc, coordination with vendors for receipt of material

  • Quality team

  • Surveillance – Coordination for receiving DVR screenshots and recordings for quality review and inputs and sharing the same with the client.

  • Training – share training document, arrange training as per scheduled plan with both the Test centre staff as well as staff hired by PVUE

  • CSS – For accommodation candidates

  • Admin – Requirement, Dispatch and return of material

  • Technology – as and when required for coordination with test centers

  • Capacity management team – for test centre open and close hours and availability for event testing candidates

  • Reporting

  • Project specific reports required by each PM for distribution to various stakeholders

  • Collation of learnings and recommendations post the event with all stakeholders and sharing with respective PM managing the client

Operational aspects of PC position

The new PC position will be managed as below:

  • Working hours: 8:30 am to 5:30 pm at office. To be available over phone between 8:00 am to 8:00 pm to PMs for any urgent requirement. Reports and other agreed activities may need to be completed on weekends from home. Occasional extended hours working.

  • Reporting to one of the PMs (as specified) irrespective of the projects being handled at a given time.

  • All PMs to share project related requirements including reporting formats and timelines with the PM to whom PC will be reporting to help the PM manage PC work hours

  • Establish a PC desk with a phone number which will be shared

  • Across internal functions for coordination

  • Across test centers for coordinating test center related activities

  • Across Clients’ SPOC for escalation of issues when PM is unavailable to take calls. However, this number will not be made available to candidates.

  • All the below mailboxes (and other Project specific mailboxes) will be configured on to PC email id so that candidate related transactions may be handled basis the projects running at the time. Client to be directed to pass on all candidate queries to the project specific mailbox with a cc to PM email ID:

Note : In specific months where multiple events have increased requirement of PC support, PM team may request to hire a temporary PC.

Skills required:

PC should have following skill sets:

  • Good Communication skills – Verbal as well written, and Listening skills

  • Good customer handling skills

  • Well versed with MS-Office suite – Word, Excel and Powerpoint

  • Attention to detail and multi-tasking skills

  • Time management skills

  • Tellecalling & counselling

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Organization: Assessment & Qualifications

Schedule: FULL_TIME

Req ID: 2085