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Job Information

Pearson Editorial Administrator in Noida, India


In this role, you will support Pearson editors managing various Higher Education disciplines. The job will entail working with internal and external stakeholders to maintain data integrity, plan new products, ensure product quality, and support marketing efforts.

  • Work Model: This profile is currently offered in hybrid mode, i.e., you will be expected to work from the office and home.

  • Benefits: Some of the benefits of working with Pearson include flexible work policies, confidential support for stress, health and other personal needs, paid time off, and maternity, paternity, and family care leave.

Key Responsibilities

These responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Assist in the review process for new products

  • Sending out surveys

  • Collating survey results

  • Paying honorariums to survey participants

  • Updating and maintaining a reviewer database

  • Product Quality Control

  • Submit reprint corrections

  • Request ISBNs for new products

  • Ensure product data integrity (i.e., follow product setup guidelines to make sure all data fields are correct and flowing to the appropriate catalogs)

  • Author/Contributor support

  • Create purchase orders for contracted work

  • Check status of payments with Accounts Payable group

  • Ensure royalty information is in place

  • Point person to ensure authors receive pre-revision materials (competitor's titles for review) and that post publication materials are received (completed copies of their text)

  • Supporting the Projects/List

  • Background and competition research for projects and/or courses

  • Engage with the content while supporting the Project lead

  • Sales/Marketing

  • Follow up on conference feedback

  • Answering sales reps' and customers' questions (low-level questions such as identifying available resources for a title ("Are there PowerPoints for this product?" Etc.)

  • Candidate will tag the appropriate team member if a question is beyond their personal purview

  • Timely responses to the sales team is key

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Efforts

Pearson continuously strives to build a more just and inclusive world. We aim to build a culture of belonging for all, which involves ensuring that all employees make efforts to challenge their understanding and bias (read more here). You will:

  • Become familiar with Pearson’s Global Content and Editorial Policy, which aims to enable Pearson’s global diversity, equity, and inclusion goals.

  • Identify content that does not adhere to Pearson’s Editorial Policy and work with internal and external stakeholders to remediate DEI issues.

Required Knowledge and Experience :

  • Qualification

  • Bachelors and above

  • Communication Skills

  • You should be able to communicate in a clear, professional, and effective manner with team members, both internal and external.

  • You will interact with several external team members -- from survey participants to reviewers and authors -- and should be comfortable doing so.

  • You will be responsible for providing regular updates on their work to the team.

  • Organization Skills

  • You should be able to track completed tasks, as well as those in progress to ensure resolutions in a timely manner

  • Prioritization Skills

  • This role will introduce you to several different workflows with varying degrees of priority. In conjunction with the team, you will be expected to learn to evaluate the urgency of requests and prioritize their schedule accordingly.

  • Cooperative

  • As part of a larger team, you should maintain a positive, team-oriented outlook.

Behavioral Competencies

  • Sensitive to requirements of working in a culturally diverse environment.

  • Ability to build strong networks and work proactively and flexibly in a team.

  • Always learning

  • As we explore new business models, internal systems, and ways of working, you should show a willingness to learn new processes and an ability to adapt to new workstyles.

  • Change management

  • Pearson operates in a dynamic environment, and you will be expected to be flexible and adapt quickly to changes in the organization.

  • Self-motivated, take initiative, lead change, and self-disciplined

  • Demonstrate thoughtful, strategic and customer focused decision-making.

  • Self-starting with strong problem-solving skills

  • An ability to diagnose issues and identify the steps to correct them will be key.

  • If you are unable to resolve an issue on your own, you should show initiative and feel comfortable sharing any identified issues with the team to help resolve problems. As part of a team, you should always feel comfortable asking for help.

  • Engage collaboratively as part of high performing teams

  • Prioritize effectively and efficiently.


Organization: Higher Education

Schedule: FULL_TIME

Req ID: 9403