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Pearson NVQ - Standards Verifier - Close Protection in London, United Kingdom


Purpose of this role:

  • Undertake sampling of assessment and internal verification decisions and records for BTEC Security qualifications within a Principal Subject Area (PSA) to affirm that national standards have been achieved and upheld.

  • Support, advise and guide centres based on the outcomes of the sampling process.

  • Direct centres in the delivery of BTEC Security qualifications towards meeting Pearson and SIA compliance requirements.

Key Accountabilities:

For Work Based Learning Security qualifications, the Standards Verifier will:

  • Undertake sampling of learner work within defined parameters and rules to verify that assessment outcomes, assessment and internal verification processes meet national standards

  • Provide sector-specific support, advice, and guidance to centres

  • Produce reports for centres and Pearson on the: sampling undertaken; outcomes reached, and support provided

  • Recommend limited certification, certification deferral or registration deferral where it is deemed that flawed assessment or internal verification decisions, or processes mean that national standards are not met

  • Produce targeted actions for centres to assist with remedial action where national standards are not being upheld

  • Support centres to understand and implement identified actions

  • Report back to Pearson and centres following SV activity within agreed service-level agreements

  • Provide source materials for the standardisation of centre assessors, internal verifiers and lead internal verifiers as requested

  • Undertake any other duties appropriate to the work of BTEC Assessment in relation to this role.


Work Experience:

  • Hold a formal teaching or training qualification (Awarded by an HEI or NQF/QCF/RQF qualification awarded by a recognized Awarding Organization) at Level 3 or above

  • Currently we are looking for Close Protection experience

  • Demonstrate that they have the necessary experience, knowledge and understanding of the security sector.

  • Provide evidence of occupational experience which will include experience of working in the private security industry or working in a role that can be mapped to the requirements of the private security industry.

  • Provide evidence of 2 years frontline operational experience relevant to security and/or events management

  • Demonstrate they are keeping their occupational expertise up to date with the equivalent of at least forty hours every year spent in a combination of training, increasing professional knowledge through other means, or working in the security industry.

  • A willingness to engage in online training and standardiSation and to use technology-based approaches for communication and centre support.

  • Experience in delivering and assessing BTEC Security




Assessor qualification

Teaching/training qualification at Level 3 or above

IQA Award

EQA Award

Security qualifications and/or SIA licence (any)

Physical Intervention qualification

Conflict Management qualification


Delivery and assessment of security or related public services qualification to 18+ cohort

IQA experience with security awards

Working in the SIA regulated industry

Working in events management /stewarding

Industry background:

Occupational competence will normally come from working in the private security industry. Other relevant experience could come from employment in, for example: armed services/police/security industry/prison service

Other requirements:

Able to demonstrate evidence of at least forty hours annually of relevant Continued Professional Development : training, increasing professional knowledge, working in the industry (e.g., attendance at relevant conferences and seminars; work experience in the sector; National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NaCTSO)/ SIA-endorsed counter terrorism programme (ACT awareness) completed annually.

General Requirements:

Any associate undertaking this role must:

  • Have personal IT equipment capable of running Pearson required software

  • Have a suitable internet connection

  • Have a personal and secure email account

  • Have a postal address in the United Kingdom

  • Declare any conflicts of interest that could impact on the role

  • Have availability for a minimum of 8 allocations in any given year

  • Abide by the terms of conditions as stated in the contract for work

Application Information We have a number of opportunities available for teaching professionals to join our growing teams of examiners, moderators and verifiers.