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Pearson Moderator - GCSE - Design & Technology (2017 Specification) in London, United Kingdom

A GCSE Design and Technology Moderator will review the centre assessment of candidates’ work in accordance with the agreed assessment criteria and Pearson's procedures. Each moderator will moderate a specified number of centre samples.

We are also recruiting for the following:


  • To carry out the moderation of parts of a subject examination, such as coursework, projects and special studies, which are marked initially by teachers in the centres and then sent to you. Moderation will usually involve sampling procedures. Moderators will not be required to visit centres.

  • To undertake, when necessary, the direct assessment of school-based components in the subject where centres opt not to make initial assessments.

Experience/qualifications needed

  • You will have one academic year's worth of teaching experience: a. within the last 8 years b. within the relevant qualification and subject c. since qualifying as a teacher

  • You will have a degree or equivalent

  • You will be a qualified teacher

Competencies required

  • You will have the ability to work well under pressure

  • You will have the ability to meet deadlines

  • You will have a high level of subject knowledge in order to apply the mark scheme

Additional information

  • All Moderators will have to attend an In-house one day event at a chosen venue in the North of England on the 19th of May.


1) What dates do the Moderators need to be available for?

19th of May to the 30th of June.

2) Do the Moderators need to be available every day during the time frame?


3) Where is the moderation taking place?

There will be a one day standardisation, which will be located in the North of England, this will take place on Sunday 19th of May, and attendance is mandatory. The new moderation training will take place in remotely and will take place at some point around Easter.

4) Will expenses be covered by Pearson?

All food, travel and where applicable accommodation expenses will be covered by Pearson.

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