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Pearson Business Analyst in London, United Kingdom


Over the last 5 years Pearson has invested in a significant transformation of our systems and operating models. We’ve implemented single core platforms (ERP, CRM etc.) across our largest markets (North America & the UK) while also moving to a Global Business Services model across our Enabling Functions (Operations, Finance, HR, IT etc.)

In mid-2019 we setup Global Process Owners to ensure that the standard processes being deployed are owned and governed by process owners who are fully empowered to improve and evolve the process they are responsible for. Our initial focus was to fully support the embedding of all the systems and operational changes we had recently implemented.

We are now looking to embark on the next stage of our transformation focusing on process harmonisation and optimisation to deliver significant improvements in the productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness of our processes by leveraging leading-edge process design and technology.

Role Overview & Purpose

As a Business Analyst, you will be a key member of our transformation team, working with process owners, process consultants, business/operational teams, and enabling functions (e.g. technology) to deliver substantial and sustainable improvements in process performance. Key responsibilities of the role include:

  • Support the implementation and adoption of the group’s process architecture (e.g. Process/Capability Framework, Nomenclature, Conventions, Hierarchy etc.)

  • Support the design and mapping of processes in line with agreed modelling standards

  • Provide training and coaching on the application of our process standards

  • Support process diagnostic/design efforts and providing technical expertise (e.g. designing processes that improve efficiency, standardisation, quality)

  • Prepare procedures, quick reference guides and training material, where necessary

  • Support Global Process Owners in aligning projects with business objectives and strategy

  • Identify improvement opportunities and work with stakeholders to evaluate and prioritise them

  • Evaluate, scope and deliver process improvement initiatives

  • Perform process benchmarking exercises, utilising internal and external reference sources where appropriate

  • Develop and implement data collection techniques to obtain qualitative/quantitative data to support diagnostic reviews

  • Utilise analytical and data visualisation tools e.g. Excel/Minitab/SPSS/SQL/Alteryx/Tableau to determine process performance and identify issues and inconsistencies

  • Collect and document requirements for process improvement projects

  • Perform interviews/observational sessions with process workers to capture execution steps

  • Apply “lean” thinking to identify areas of waste (e.g. 7 wastes)

The business analyst’s work is focused on the future operations of our business processes, creating business value through process optimisation or future strategy across our key business units and capability areas.

Over the next few years, you will have a leading role to play in the transformation efforts of both our current processes but also in terms of helping our business adapt and grow in a fast-paced changing environment.

You will be expected to partner with process owners, business, and operations teams as well as technology solutions leads to deliver improved organisational performance through deployment of leading edge operational and digital practices whilst delivering major cost efficiencies and growth in the process. Our business analyst will form part of our global process team acting as experts in process analysis, as well as supporting process owners in delivering transformation initiatives.

We are looking for people that are motivated and want to be part of this change. To join our team, you will be curious and interested in developing the future, and will want to take pivotal roles in the change programmes.

Qualifications and experience required:

  • Business process management qualification (e.g. Yellow belt or higher Lean Six Sigma) or equivalent experience

  • Experience in business process modelling techniques and standards such as BPMN 2.0

  • Experience in using process modelling/mapping applications e.g. Blueworks, Aris, Adonis, Visio

  • Experience in a process or transformation role, either with a respected consulting practice, or as part of a process transformation team in a multinational business

  • Experience in process optimisation programmes which have delivered significant benefits

  • Understanding of principles and application of Lean methodology including 7 wastes, Takt Time, Levelled Scheduling, Poke Yoke, Kanban Systems, 5S

  • Clear understanding of the design and deployment journey including operating model, project definition and delivery and change management.

  • Strong time management skills and the ability to manage multiple deliverables at one time

  • Knowledge of Oracle ERP and Business Intelligence applications preferred, but not essential as long as there is demonstrated experience in large scale ERP and BI applications.


Organization: Finance

Schedule: FULL_TIME

Req ID: 1151