Pearson VVIP Foreign Teacher in China

Business Unit Overview:

Position Description:

Position Description:

  1. delivery of Pearson products to a variety of clients ranging in ages from 4 to adult ( including but not limited to WSE //and relevant WSE products English Fit/ HMM/ For today/ ILETS, English Corner Materials//, Pearson BigFun, BigEnglish, Next Move, All About America, Speakout, Market Leader, various short courses with emphases on skills development *(Please note currently most students study WSE but all other core Pearson products are professionally designed and structured with teachers focus on using and active teach component that has video and listening activities integrated into the learning system) 2. teaching WSE VVIPs onsite or in center depending on student’s desired location.

  2. providing detailed reporting and follow up on students’ / on-site classes progress in 800 app

  3. providing after class electronic follow up about key points of class delivered

  4. coordinating with CTs (Chinese Teachers) (SAs) about student learning issues

  5. support with in center and ILS sales teams with client visits, custom learning proposals and demos

  6. delivering WSE VVIP or Pearson demo classes and conduct oral tests when needed

  7. Assisting course development, and teaching of custom onsite training for companies or organizations such as schools

  8. coaching senior managers and C-level executives across a range of industries

  9. establishing and maintaining relationships with clients

  10. being flexible and supportive to clients’ needs

  11. one day reminder for clients classes

  12. Key account follow up if needed

  13. Possible travel to other cities / towns

  14. Possible support of centers when needed (3 center classes = 1 two hour class)

Candidate Profile:

Position Requirements:

  1. Willingness build, foster and maintain Relationships with internal (students/ clients) and external (sales people/ centers/ staff) clients with an emphasis on Communication, Support, and Flexibility

  2. Willingness to communicate with clients during nonclass time eg. class reminder/ likes on wechat

  3. Professionalism and a strong sense of customer service

  4. Understanding of professional mannerisms and appearance when with clients or in centers

  5. Exceptional teaching, coaching skills and capabilities

  6. Eagerness for self development and career progression

  7. Flexibility to unforeseen schedule changes

  8. Ability to work independently and build relationships based on trust and respect

  9. A desire for self development and career progression in a fast growing and dynamic team

  10. Willingness to travel to class locations and possibly occasional an on-site location

  11. Willingness to understand students’ needs and add relevant to core learning to enrich students experiences

  12. Ability and willingness to teach all ages, general English to business to skills based courses

  13. A strong understanding of WSE teaching methodology and an ability to persuade students of its value

  14. Willingness to help sales with needed support / sensible understanding of sales Innovative Learning

  15. Willingness to deliver classes with an approximant travel of two hours outside city center

  16. Willingness to occasionally travel to other cities and towns

Key Point Expectations:

  1. Based on a 40 hours a week

  2. Expected to do the equivalent of 10 classes per week (average class time is 2 hours)

  3. Approximately 50% of working time is for traveling to clients location and class preparation

  4. Attendance and participation of weekly meeting/ training sessions

  5. Delivery of Pearson products to a variety of clients ranging in ages from 4 to adult

  6. Delivery of classes one to one or on-site at a company/institution for multiple students

  7. Travel in and around city center (generally 1.5 – 2 hours outside city center is our serviceable area)

  8. Travel between class is subject to reimbursement monthly

  9. Support with in center and ILS sales teams with client visits, custom learning proposals and demos

  10. Corporate training experience a plus

Req Number: 13499BR

Position Title: VVIP Foreign Teacher

Country: CHN

HR Manager: Andy Kong

Business Unit: FT Group

Removal Date: 04-Jan-2018