Pearson Social Impact Program Manager in New York, New York

Social Impact Program Manager


Pearson’s globalmarketing organization leads on the marketing strategy for our business. Byleveraging global centres of expertise in brand, research & insights,marketing excellence, creative services and campaigns, we deliver anintegrated, global-local approach that enables marketing to be a growth driverfor Pearson.

Social impactlies at the heart of Pearson as a business. Our purpose is to empower humanprogress through learning. It’s a social purpose, and our business activitiessupport that purpose, from the way we chart our growth and future strategy, tohow we conduct operations, take products to market, engage employees andcommunities, and define our brand. We take an active role in campaigning andadvocating around issues that inhibit progress on improving educationaloutcomes, and the social impact team is a key contributing team within theGlobal Campaigns team.

Summary of Role:

This role developsandimplements programsthat advance Pearson’s global social impact strategy and goals. Success of therole, in combination with the social impact team, will be measured by theability for Pearson to make a demonstrable impact in the world beyond it’scommercial operations, an increase in brand association with social impact, andthe ability to leverage social impact to increase familiarity, advocacy andpurchase intent from prospective Pearson customers.

Specifically,the Program Specialist is responsible forengaging with and collaboratingacross Pearson business units to develop programs and products that leveragethe expertise, assets and networks of the company to help drive measurablesocial impact. The Program specialist will work closely with the Social ImpactPartnership Managers to co-create and implement programs for Pearson’s globalsocial impact campaigns. The value of this role is in determining when webuy/borrow, build, or partner to achieve our social impact objectives.

Working alongsidethe Director of Social Impact Programs and Partnerships and the Director ofBrand Campaigns, the Program Specialist will contribute to thought leadershipand cause marketing campaigns, particularly leveraging internal stakeholdersfor their expertise and insight.

Crucial tothe role is the ability to tie the value of social impact to Pearson brandbuilding as well as the opportunity to engage employees.

Main activities /responsibilities:

  • Incollaboration with the Director of Social Impact Programs and Partnerships andworking closely with the Social Impact Partnerships Managers, design andimplement a coherent set of programs and interventions that build impact overtime and adhere to a strategy that promotes best practice and scales innovativeand effective programs

  • Cultivateand manage relationships with key internal stakeholders, including sales and productteams, to leverage internal expertise and assets to help Pearson deliver itssocial impact aims

  • Supportthe strategy development for global partnerships that simultaneously drivebusiness and social value

  • Conductregular research (surveys) with sales teams in target markets to assessopportunities and garner insights for greater alignment between social impactand Pearson’s business objectives

  • Conductprogram site visits as appropriate

  • SupportSocial Impact Partnerships Managers with event planning and execution forhigh-profile social impact activities

  • Workingwith the Campaign Planning team manage project timelines across social impactprograms to ensure regular communication of key milestones and activities withthe Social Impact team

  • Workwith Social Impact Community Manager to ensure content related to our socialimpact initiatives, with an emphasis on Pearson’s role and contribution, arefeatured and disseminated through relevant internal and external channels

  • Workwith the Social Impact Partnerships Managers to monitor and evaluate programoutcomes

  • Monitorinternal developments to seize opportunities to share and enhance Pearson’s socialimpact programming activity

  • Maintainworking knowledge of emerging trends in social innovation and social impact


  • Provenexperience: Minimum 5 years of experience preferably in social impact/socialinnovation and program design/evaluation with a Foundation, private sectorcompany or nonprofit. Proven track record of developing, managing and measuringprograms or products.

  • Strategicdevelopment: Ability to identify risks and opportunities, define problems,collect data, establish facts, draw valid conclusions, develop mitigationstrategies and communicate them with confidence. Knowledge of trends ininternational development and global education

  • ProjectExecution: Ability to plan, manage, and successfully complete multiple complexprojects simultaneously in budget, and ideally within matrix environment.

  • Global Management: Experience workingwith diverse, global teams of highly talented individuals that operate as asingle team. Ability to coordinate efforts cross-functionally toachieve positive end results.

  • Communication:Excellent interpersonalskills and ability to use these to influence outcomes by communicating withpersuasiveness and candor with an engaging and energetic personality. Abilityto appreciate the diversity of stakeholder interactions and adapt style andapproach accordingly.

  • Judgment:Ability to demonstrate sound thinking when recommending approaches andassessing business risks. Makes decisions that balance a variety of factors toachieve an optimal outcome. Flexible, adaptable attitude when dealing withconstant change

  • Creativity:Ability to apply creative thinking and imagination to projects, as well as anunrelenting focus on the target audience.

  • Developing& Leveraging Relationships: A track record of building and sustainingexcellent internal and external relationships (at all levels) and gainingcredibilityto lead functional specialists and partner with/advise business leaders inaddition to having a robust network of relevant external relationships.


Social Impact Campaigns

Strategic Partnerships

Partner marketing

Relationship Management/Stakeholder Management


Primary Location: US-NY-New York

Work Locations: US-NY-New York-330 Hudson 330 Hudson Street New York 10013

Job: Marketing

Organization: Global Corporate Affairs & Marketing

Employee Status: Regular Employee

Job Type: Standard

Shift: Day Job

Job Posting: Dec 1, 2016