Pearson Contracts and Allocations Co-ordinator in Kraków, Poland

Contracts and Allocations Co-ordinator


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Background Information

Pearson is the world’sleading learning company. Our educationimprints combine 150 years of experience with online support for every learner.

We work in more than 75countries. Courses are available asbooks, online and through multi-lingual packages, helping people learnwhatever, wherever and however they choose.

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  • Tomanage the deployment of our examiners, moderators and verifiers, known asAssessment Associates (AAs), to assessment roles in a given subject area.

  • To beresponsible for ensuring that sufficient AAs are contracted to meet targetrequirements in all areas for which the Deployment Co-ordinator is responsible.

Key Accountabilities

Takingresponsibility for a given qualification area from across the GCE, GCSE andVocational Qualification range, to manage and facilitate the contracting,deployment and allocation of Assessment Associates (AAs) in line with forecastrequirements and to tight deadlines.

  • Toassess requirements and despatch sufficient contracts to ensure full coverage of the required workforce is achieved by thetarget date, following up non-replies and ‘topping-up’ to cover AA withdrawals.

  • Allocate AAs to all approved BTEC centres for which a service is provided,preparing Verification Schedule and issuing contracts.

  • Ensure that AA contracts Terms and Conditions and other relevantdocumentation are despatched within agreed timescales.

  • Theremay also be a requirement to become involved in a specialised area, such as thedeployment of AAs to cover various business critial activities.

  • Tomaintain a customer service focus on the relevant AA group, managing therelationship from the list of available AAs through to standardisation, andre-standardisation if required. This will involve responsibility formaintaining and updating records using different database systems andresponding to queries, both directly and via the Customer RealtionshipManagement system.

  • Proficiency needs to be established with various systems including iSeries, BusinessObjects and IQS to ensure that all information is correct and up to date, sothat the interface with other interdependent systems is secure.

Provideaccurate MI reports for qualification areas of responsibility to analyseprogress.

  • Monitor allocations by sector and identify and report to the Team Leadershortages with supporting evidence

  • Assisting with additional or ad hoc contracting during busy times or to coverduring absence

  • Assisting colleagues within the Deployment team with their workload during peaktimes.

  • Liaison will be required with other stakeholders and their areas of thebusiness in order to achieve business objectives.

  • Supervision of temporary workers is occasionally required.

  • Participation in administrative tasks involved inthe payment process for AAs may be required.

Key Challenges

This role isbusiness-critical and covers an essential phase in the successful delivery of theGCE, GCSE and Vocational Qualifications. Team members need to remain focusedwhile working to tight deadlines, yet also need to be sufficiently flexible tomanage the varying priorities, meeting deployment targets while answeringcustomer queries, acting as a subject-specific contact while responding tourgent situations that frequently arise during the examination period etc.

The role’s tasks are subject to change overtime as the business evolves.


Edexcel Core competencies









Edu c ati o n, Qua li f i c atio n s & Trai n i ng

Es s e n ti a l:

  • Advanced Level Pass or equivalent

  • GCSEEnglishandMathematicsPassorequivalent


  • Undergraduate graduate degree or equivalent

P r e v iou s Ex p er i en ce

Es s e n ti a l:

  • Administrativeorrelevantexperience.

  • Excellentcustomerserviceskills


  • UnderstandingofAAcontracting anddeployment activitiesand payment issues

IT L i t e r a cy

Es s e n ti a l:

  • GoodunderstandingofMicrosoftOfficepackage,intermediateMSWordandExcel skills.

  • Abilitytolearnquicklycompany-specificsoftware.


  • KnowledgeofCRM,iSeries,IQS,BusinessObjectsandProcwebsystems

P e rson a l S tyle an d Beh a v i our

Thepositionrequireshighlevelcommunicationandorganisationskills,andtheabilityto effectivelyprioritisealargeandvariedworkloadinthecontextofstrictdeadlines.

Keyrequirementsforthesuccessfulapplicantareanabilitytoco-ordinateandcarryout activitieswithlimitedsupervision,andtakeownershipofthedeploymentresponsibilityfor asuiteofsubjectsforGCE,GCSEandother Vocationalqualifications.Excellentinterpersonalskillsarerequiredtointeracteffectivelywithinternalandexternalcustomers.Theapplicant mustbeabletorespond effectivelytolatechangesindemandfor AAsandotherurgent service demandingsituations.

PearsonQualificationServicesistheUK'slargestawardingbody.Weofferacademicand vocationalqualificationsandtestingtoschools,colleges,employersandotherplacesof learningintheUK,andinternationally.Wehaveapassion,energyandagenuinedesire tohelppeoplemakeprogressintheirlives

Please note, we are planning to hold interviews on the 10th August for this role.


Primary Location: PL-PL-Kraków

Work Locations: PL-Cracow-Aleja Pokoju 5 Aleja Pokoju 5 2nd floor Kraków 31-548

Job: Office Support

Organization: Core

Employee Status: Regular Employee

Job Type: Standard

Shift: Day Job

Job Posting: Jul 19, 2017

Req ID: 1711628